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ISCD-8 COVID-19 Visualizer is a platform launched by the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) to provide on-the-spot updates of coronavirus pandemic in D-8 member states including statistics, situation reports, and featured research publications. This is to expedite the communication of dispersed scientific findings on the COVID-19 disease via a single platform and to assist researchers, policy makers, and the general public give informed response to the pandemic.

The dataset is updated on daily basis for both the outbreak statistics by country and latest research output. One may see the latest statistics on the total infected cases, death toll, recoveries, and active cases by clicking a given country or territory on the map. The colors represent a spectrum of the disease outbreak from a baseline rate of incidence.

The rolling pane on the top of the page illustrates a list of featured research articles addressing COVID-19 disease. A curated list of COVID-19 research output, which is updated and ever-expanding on a regular basis, is further provided below the map with direct links to full-text articles.

The pie chart at the bottom left corner of the map is an illustration of the data, which is expandable to a time-series chart, by clicking chart slice/slices, showing/comparing data points for each category in the dataset. The platform also hosts a knowledge base as a shared repository of health protocols, training materials, and general guidelines contributed and practiced by the D-8 member states.